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Continuous Learning

At Neighborhood Health Plan, we never stop learning or looking for ways to help our employees grow.

NHP takes a collaborative approach to development that actively encourages positive and productive working relationships among our employees. There are numerous and varied learning programs and opportunities throughout the year to help employees achieve their personal and professional goals.

New Hire Orientation

Unlike any other training you've experienced, our new hire orientation offers the chance to meet, and ask questions of, NHP's Senior Leadership Team within your first months at NHP. You will gain a wealth of resources, information, and understanding of the company and the people who work here.

Management Development

There is no shortage of leadership development at NHP. We provide exciting programs and opportunities to help develop our leaders. Examples include: Management Development and Supervisor Training Programs, Building Effective Teams, and monthly Manager Forums.

Continuous Learning

We offer a rich variety of year-round Professional and Technical Skills trainings, Lunch & Learn Seminars, and other programs that promote an atmosphere of ongoing growth and development.

Employee Recognition

It's always nice to feel valued for the work you do, and we take this seriously at NHP.

We reward outstanding performance, extraordinary contributions to the NHP community, and long-standing service to the organization. Our programs include annual achievement awards given to individuals and teams, "on the spot" awards, and service awards.


Being a good corporate citizen has never felt better!

At NHP, employees receive paid time off when they support our corporate-sponsored organizations and Domestic Violence service organizations with whom we partner.

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