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    Our Employees

    We consider the diversity and talents of our people our strongest asset. NHP employees come from all backgrounds, experiences, and communities—the one thing we all share is a passion for a job well done and for delivering high quality care.

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    Our Values

    We put our values in action every day. Our core values are quality care, diversity, accountability, service excellence, and building strong relationships. These values inform our policies and strategies and are embodied by every employee.

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    Our Wellness

    NHP is committed to the health and wellness of its employees—from health club discounts to noon yoga classes to walking groups, weight watchers, and more. We offer many healthy living opportunities and encourage employees to participate.

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    Our Location

    Imagine working in one of the most exciting areas of Boston. The Innovation District is packed with great restaurants, cultural institutions, beautiful parks, and more… with subway, commuter rail, bus, and even bike-sharing stations nearby.

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