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September 10, 2015

NHP Prepares for the ICD-10 Compliance Date on October 1

As a reminder, NHP will not accept ICD-9 codes for claims with dates of service on or after October 1, 2015.

In preparation for the ICD-10 implementation, NHP is currently accepting requests for EDI 837 transaction compliance testing. End-to-end testing will be comprised of adjudicating claims and returning 835 remittance advice transactions. If you would like to participate in EDI compliance testing, email Vincent Chiachio at

Access the latest version of the ICD-10 readiness FAQ.

July 1, 2015

Neighborhood Health Plan to conduct provider satisfaction surveys over the next several weeks

Annual Provider Satisfaction Survey

Each year, Neighborhood Health Plan, with assistance from the independent market research firm Market Measurement, Inc., conducts a telephone survey to identify the ways in which we can better serve your needs. This year's survey will be conducted over the next several weeks. Your responses will remain completely confidential, as only summary data will be shared with Neighborhood Health Plan. The survey will take only about ten minutes.

June 1, 2015

Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Webpage

NHP is excited to announce that a new provider enrollment and credentialing webpage is now available for your reference. Providers can use this webpage to review enrollment and credentialing processes and access common forms such as the Standardized Provider Information Change form. For providers who are not currently part of NHP's network, this webpage outlines the steps on how to become an NHP provider.

View the Provider Enrollment and Credentialing webpage today.

2014 Updates

NHP now offers a PPO option alongside our HMO products to small and large employers across the state.

For more information on how to service an NHP Prime PPO member:

  • If you are an NHP-contracted provider, you can continue to use NHPNet for transactions such as verifying member eligibility and checking on a claims status. Click here to read more.
  • If you are not contracted with NHP, servicing an NHP Prime PPO member is easy. Click here to learn about the tools and resources available to you.

Beginning December 1, 2014, all claims for NHP HMO and MassHealth members should be submitted electronically, or to a new mail address.

Starting on December 1, 2014, Neighborhood Health Plan (NHP) will be changing our address for original paper claims submissions. Starting with submissions on or after December 1, 2014, original paper claims for NHP HMO and MassHealth members should be sent to the following new address:

Neighborhood Health Plan
PO Box 853908
Richardson, TX 75085-3908

Please continue to use the current mailing address for paper claims until November 30. After December 1, the current mailbox will no longer be active. All claims mailed there will be returned. For PPO members, continue to use the claims address listed on the member ID card.

For appeals, adjustments, and other correspondence, continue to mail these to 253 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210.

Please be aware of the new paper claims processing changes:

NHP recommends electronic claims submission as the preferred method of claims submission. Over 90% of claims are submitted electronically today. There will be no changes to the electronic claims process.

For paper claims, NHP currently rejects claims when incomplete information is submitted such as member or provider information. Rejected claims are not processed and do not appear in NHP’s system. Starting December 1, certain claims with incomplete information will be processed. Once processed, the claim status will be viewable on NHPNet, the secure provider portal. These claims will also appear on your explanation of payments, which will be accessible on NHPNet within 30 days. To register for NHPNet, go to and follow the registration instructions.

We thank you for the services you provide to our members. If you have any questions, please contact the NHP Provider Service team at 1-855-444-4647 or your NHP Provider Relations Manager at


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