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Quick Launch

Neighborhood Care Circle:
An Innovative New Program for Critically At-Risk Members

This week, NHP is launching Neighborhood Care Circle, a new clinical program to address the complex needs of critically at-risk members who account for a large percentage of emergency room visits, lengthy hospital stays, and other acute interventions that contribute to the rising cost of health care. NHP estimates that less than 1 percent of its members are responsible for as much as 20 percent of health care spending.

What makes Neighborhood Care Circle unique

  • Four multidisciplinary teams, working mostly in the communities where members live, and supported by NHP clinical specialists, will target the most vulnerable and difficult to reach members who often suffer from chronic conditions and behavioral health issues.
  • These teams will get to know our members’ personal needs and find creative solutions to help them, like arranging transportation to medical appointments, to offer the right resources to help them recover and stay healthy so as to prevent costly interventions later, such as emergency room visits and hospital admissions.
  • The teams will visit members in their homes, in the hospital, in shelters or wherever else they may live.

This new program supports all NHP lines of business, including our commercial and MassHealth members. You can read more about our new program on NHP’s press release.

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