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The NHP Provider Manual makes it easy to do business with us efficiently and effectively.

NHP's Provider Manual pdf is more than just a resource that outlines important NHP policies and procedures. It's your guide for doing business with NHP with great efficiency and optimal results.

This manual has been redesigned to make it easier for providers and practice managers to quickly find the information they need, starting with the table of contents.

Please remember, we publish this Provider Manual once a year. If any updates to policies, procedures, or benefits coverage happen during the year, we’ll post these changes at Provider News and Updates and in our other important provider communications.

Behavioral Health Provider Manual - Beacon Health Strategies

Neighborhood Health Plan (NHP) has contracted with Beacon Health Strategies to manage the delivery of behavioral health services for all NHP Members.

This manual is an administrative guide to Beacon's policies and procedures. It covers service provisions, claims submissions, and quality management/ improvement requirements.

NHP Commonwealth Care - Dental Coverage Manual

To access the DentaQuest Coverage Manual, please visit the DentaQuest website.

* The NHP Provider Manual provides convenient web links to many other resources on the NHP website. In addition, the Manual provides links to websites outside Please note that NHP does not control the content of links outside of the NHP website, and therefore the information on these external links may not have been reviewed or approved by Neighborhood Health Plan.

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