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Care Management Programs

Care Management Programs are designed to assist providers in obtaining and sustaining the most appropriate, accessible, and cost-effective health care for Neighborhood Health Plan members. NHP has a long-standing commitment to serving all of our members—even those with the greatest of needs.

Our Care Management programs work with patients, providers, and care management resources in the greater community to provide appropriate, comprehensive, and fully integrated care management services, without duplicating efforts or works of clinicians. Individualized plans are jointly developed by Care Managers, patients, and clinicians to optimize a collaborative relationship.

Our nurse care managers are available to:

  • Collaborate with primary care physicians, members, families, health care providers, social service agencies and community organizations in developing and executing care management plans for members with complex health care needs
  • Support and reinforce members in their efforts to adhere to treatment interventions recommended by their health care providers
  • Advocate for members to obtain the most appropriate health care services available, through education, referral and negotiation
  • Educate members, families and health care providers regarding benefits, availability of services, community resources, entitlement programs, and health care alternatives
  • Educate members and families regarding health risks, preventative health measures, treatment plans, and medications
  • Identify and facilitate access to social service agencies, community organizations, patient support groups, and other adjunct services
  • Participate, as needed, in case conferences, family meetings and informational session.

NHP Care Managers are assigned to primary care sites throughout the service area, thus facilitating the development of consistent professional relationships, efficient communication, and an intimate understanding of local resources and health care providers.

We have Care Managers with expertise in the areas of asthma, diabetes, pediatrics and pre-natal care.

Every one of our Care Managers is a member of the Case Management Society of America and has demonstrated commitment to assessment, planning, collaboration, and advocacy.

Our programs have multilingual and multicultural capability; can focus on adult or pediatric patients; and are scoped to match the needs of our members.

For more information

For more information about NHP’s Care Management Programs or if you identify a Member who may benefit from an NHP program, please contact NHP’s Provider Service Center
(8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday) at 1-855-444-4647.

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