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Asthma Management Program and Utilization Reports

NHP has a multifaceted Asthma Management Program that focuses on making an Asthma Care Manager available to the patient and improving our members’ understanding of asthma and how to control it for optimal results.

The program’s materials help patients understand their medications, know how to properly use an inhaler, learn about environmental triggers, and manage exacerbations of the disease.

Our program provides outreach to members at varying levels of intensity based on a stratification of medical and pharmacy claims data.

In addition, to optimize care for our members with asthma, we provide site reports and information to PCPs for their NHP-enrolled asthma patients. These reports give detailed, member-level information including a summary of asthma hospitalizations, emergency department visits, asthma specialist visits, and medication usage.

Lastly, An Asthma Care Manager is available to support the primary clinician's work to provide proactive, evidence-based asthma care.

Asthma Home Visitation

With clinician referral, the Asthma Home Visitation Program provides intensive home visits to patients by a specially trained respiratory therapist or nurse. The program targets education about asthma, specific triggers, medications, a home environmental and asthma control assessment, and demonstration of proper equipment use. An Asthma Action Plan can be developed with the referring clinician.

Contact NHP's Asthma Care Manager

For more information, or if you identify a member who may benefit from this program, please contact NHP’s Provider Service Center (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday) at 1-855-444-4647.

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