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Helping patients with asthma
breathe easier

NHP offers free, easy-to-understand, asthma self-management tools
to support you and your patients.

NHP is pleased to offer our award-winning, fully illustrated reference materials to help you educate patients about asthma self-management. The topics covered in these resources include level of asthma control, self-monitoring, and proper inhaler techniques.

All the NHP asthma education materials are free to patients and providers. Contact to order materials in English and Spanish. For other languages, download printable PDFs below.

Asthma Medication Management

Asthma medication pads for management of control and quick-relief medications

Help your patients have a clear understanding of when and how to use their control and quick-relief medications


How to use your asthma medication DVD

The easy-to-use trilingual DVD (English, Spanish, and Chinese) provides clear demonstrations of how to use each inhaler device available for delivering asthma medication. Order the free DVD online from Shawmut printing.


Take control of your asthma booklet

The bilingual booklet (English and Spanish) provides information about living well with asthma. Order the free booklet from Shawmut printing.

Asthma Equipment Guides – Inhalers
Illustrated step–by–step instructions for using each inhaler device.

How to prime and clean your HFA inhaler


Inhaler with a spacer


Inhaler with a spacer and face mask


Diskus® Inhaler


Pulmicort Flexhaler inhaler

Asthma Equipment Guides – Nebulizers



Nebulizer with a face mask

Asthma Assessment Guides

Asthma control test

Patients can take this test to assess their level of asthma control

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