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    Form Center

    All the forms a provider might need, all on one page. NHP’s Form Center gives access to the most frequently used forms, including those for prior authorization, pharmacy, claim review, audit appeal, PCP site change, grievances, more.

    Form Center
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    Health Care Reform

    We are committed to keeping you informed about health care reform. That’s why we’ve created a health care reform section just for Providers. These updates and resources will help you learn about what’s changing and how it impacts your business.

    Health Care Reform
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    Drug Lookup Tool

    Our Drug Lookup Tool allows members to see if a drug is covered under their plan. They can also find important information about limitations or exclusions if they apply, medication tier placement, decisions re: new medication coverage, more.

    Drug Lookup Tool
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    Payment Guidelines

    Our Provider Payment Guidelines make it easy to know everything there is to know, including procedure codes (and their descriptors), prerequisites, limitations, exceptions, member cost-sharing, What NHP reimburses and does not, definitions, more.

    See Guidelines
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    NHP Provider Manual

    A newly updated Provider Manual is your guide to doing business with NHP: Includes info on all available resources, tools, policies, procedures, privacy requirements, and more. Please download it now and keep it as your all-in-one reference guide.

    Download it
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    Clinical Coverage Guidelines

    NHP providers have access to clear and well-organized NHP clinical criteria guidelines on medical conditions A to Z. Each guide details our coverage and payment policies, exclusions, definitions, related policies, references, more.

    Coverage Guidelines
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    Smart Neighbor

    Use our Smart Neighbor community resource database to look for public benefits/resources available to your patients. Find community programs, social services, children's services, domestic violence programs, housing, meal programs, more.

    Search Smart Neighbor
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    Find a Doctor

    Our Find a Doctor tool makes it easy for our members to find a primary care provider, specialist, hospital, or clinic based on what’s important to them. They can search by name, gender, location, specialty, affiliation, languages spoken, and more.

    Check Your Listing
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    Provider portal: NHPNet

    The e-business tools you use every day are only a click away. Log in to better work with NHP: Find authorizations and referrals, claims status, explanation of payments, reporting dashboards, patient- and site-specific reports, more.

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Save money on your medications with Access 90

Our Access 90 program offers members a great way to save money on generic or tier 2 medicines that you take all the time. To learn more about our Access 90 program, see our Fall/Winter 2013 Newsletter.

Want to quit smoking? Our Smoking Cessation Program offers you a specialist as well as benefits to help you fight cravings and quit for good.

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