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Neighborhood Health Plan’s Partnership for Community Health will provide up to $90 million in grant funding over the next 15 years to Massachusetts Community Health Centers

On October 1, 2012, Neighborhood Health Plan (NHP), Partners HealthCare, and the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers launched Partnership for Community Health, an initiative designed to bring $90 million in resources and investment over 15 years.

Partnership for Community Health’s vision is to support the Community Health Centers (CHCs) of Massachusetts in their continued excellence as they reduce barriers to access, promote health equity, and organize care for patients in their communities. Partnership for Community Health will enable the CHCs to develop and launch additional initiatives to enhance:

    1. Quality
    2. Service provision
    3. Efficiencies
    4. Outcomes

A big part of the program’s vision is to take a results-based approach to serve as a systemic catalyst for change. This year, in the first round of grants given, Partnership for Community Health provided $4.25 million in grants to 49 Massachusetts Community Health Centers that are members of the League. These grants fund CHC initiatives that were related to infrastructure improvements and preparing CHCs for the provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

In the future, CHCs will be eligible to apply for grants through a competitive application process.

The following 49 Massachusetts Community Health Centers received a first round grant: