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Quick Launch

The Community Medical Alliance (CMA) Complex Care Management Program is for NHP members and their children who have hard-to-manage, chronic, or disabling medical conditions.

NHP understands the problems that people with special health care needs have. If you've been having trouble managing your health problems or your child's health problems, the CMA Complex Care Management (CCM) Program can make it easier for you to get the care, services and health information you need for yourself or your child.

  • A CMA CCM nurse practitioner or physician assistant will visit you in your home and work with you, your primary care provider and specialists to get you the right care when and where you need it. They can provide some direct care, teach you what you need to know about taking care of yourself, help you see your health care providers when you need to, and arrange for your services, equipment, medication, and supplies. They take special time to talk with you about your health concerns or questions.
  • A pediatric nurse practitioner will do the same for your child and can also work with your child's school, day care, or Early Intervention program.
  • Other team members - social care managers, who can assist with financial, housing and social needs, and behavioral health clinicians, who can help with mental health problems, may also visit you in your home if that would be better for you than talking on the telephone.

The CMA CCM team, your PCP and other providers work together with you to find the best plan of care for you or your child. Our goal is to help you and your child be as healthy as possible.

Call NHP Customer Service at 1-800-462-5449 (TTY 1-800-655-1761) if you'd like to learn more about this program.