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Stop smoking or using tobacco with the NHP Quit for Life program

Do you want to quit smoking or using tobacco? It can be tough, but you do not have to do it alone. The NHP Quit for Life Program can help you make a quit plan that works for you.

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What is a quit plan?

A quit plan is your personal road map to stop smoking or using tobacco. A quit plan can increase your chances of quitting.

Quit plans combine strategies to keep you focused, confident, and motivated.
Quit plans also help you prepare for any challenges you will face as you quit.

How dependent are you on tobacco?

Take the interactive CVS/pharmacy quiz. Simply scroll down to the quiz and answer a few easy questions to see your level of addiction. You can also read success stories from people like you who have quit.

Please note that CVS/caremark will be the NHP pharmacy benefit partner after 01/01/16.
Until then, please continue to refer to prescription information from our current pharmacy benefit partner, Catamaran.

How do I make a quit plan?

NHP can help with your quit plan! Call the Customer Service number on the back of your member ID card to get information about the Quit for Life Program.

You can also ask to talk to a tobacco treatment specialist with no cost to you. Our tobacco treatment specialist will:

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  • Assess your smoking habits
  • Talk to you about quit methods
  • Help you make a quit plan
  • Give you information about medication
  • Discuss questions you may want to ask your doctor

Contact the NHP tobacco treatment specialists by phone at 857-282-3096 or by email at

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Talk to your doctor or nurse

Your doctor or nurse can also help you quit smoking. Take your personalized
Quit for Life
plan to your next check up and talk to your doctor or nurse about quitting.

Try the LivingFree online program

In the NHP Online Wellness Center, members can sign up for the LivingFree program to help them quit smoking. The program includes 12 video lessons and lets you set your own pace for quitting. Members can log in to to access the Online Wellness Center.


Massachusetts Smoker's Quitline
1-800-QUITNOW and

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Coverage for gum,
the patch, and more

Get over-the-counter
stop-smoking medicines
with a prescription.
Learn about the OTC benefit.

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