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Our "For You Two" Program can help with every step before and after your pregnancy

There is so much to learn about being a mother. Through the “For You Two” program, a specially trained care manager will work with you and your doctor or nurse midwife to help make sure you have just what you need for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Your care manager will answer any questions that you or your partner may have, and helps you understand all of your NHP benefits during pregnancy.

In addition, your care manager will:

  • Get you referrals for any special services or support you may need, during your pregnancy and after delivery
  • Contact you to see if you need any help making or keeping your postpartum (after delivery) appointment.

NHP covers the following services that may be an important part of your care during pregnancy and after delivery:

  • Access to NHP's Quit Smoking program
  • Reimbursement for childbirth classes
  • A free breast pump, rental or purchase
  • A home nurse visit after you have your baby
  • Mental health services
  • Help to quit smoking

If you are pregnant and would like to join the program, contact NHP Customer Service at 1-800-462-5449 and ask to speak with a nurse care manager in the “For You Two” program. You can also email the program at

Additional Resources for pregnant members

  • Child Care & Safety Products
    NHP offers a 15% discount on maternity and child safety products through Safe Beginnings. To get it, simply enter the group code “nhpw” when ordering.
  • Programs at your Primary Care Site/Health Center
    Many Primary Care Sites in NHP's provider network offer Childbirth and Parenting Classes, as well as other programs for you and your baby. Call your Primary Care Site or Doctor for more information about what's available to you as an expecting mother or new parent.
  • Vaccines (Immunizations)
    Keeping track of your and your baby's vaccines is important. Click here for information about vaccinations and a child vaccination chart to help you keep track of your baby's vaccines.
  • Breast Pump Rental or Purchase
    Pediatricians recommend that you breastfeed your baby for at least six months. It's good for your baby and good for you. To help you do this, Neighborhood Health Plan covers the rental or purchase of an electric breast pump with a prescription from your doctor.

Give Your Baby a Healthy Beginning

Sign up for free text messages timed to your due date or the baby's birth day by texting BABY to 511411 (or BEBE for Spanish)