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Your health, our promise

Lose weight. Gain a great NHP plan benefit.

Most NHP commercial plans come with a Weight Loss Benefit that rewards members or someone in their family for losing weight the healthy way.

Our Weight Loss Benefit offers a little extra motivation—and money—when a qualified member joins Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig for six months or longer. Please note, this benefit does not cover food, nutritional supplements, or enrollment/registration fees.

Here’s how you or a qualified dependent may qualify:

  1. Log in to MyNHP. See your Schedule of Benefits to determine if the Weight Loss Benefit is part of your plan.
  2. Join Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.
  3. Be enrolled in NHP and the weight loss program for at least six full months* in a calendar year.

Fill out and submit your Weight Loss Benefit form by March 31 of the following year.

Be sure to check with your physician before starting any weight loss program.

*Members must be enrolled in NHP and a weight loss program at the same time for at least six months in a calendar year. Please note that you can only request your weight loss benefit one time per calendar year. If your request does not meet the maximum coverage of 6 months, you cannot request additional coverage at a later date.