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​This gym benefit works out for you

Get fit and save money on your health club membership!

Our fitness reimbursement program will reimburse most members between $50 and $150 per year after you've been a member of a health club and NHP for at least four full months in a calendar year. Our Fitness Reimbursement Benefit varies by plan design and there may be limits for families (most plans cover up to $300 per family).

 Please log in to my NHP to check your Schedule of Benefits to see how much your plan will reimburse you.

What health clubs qualify?

A qualifying health club is a facility offering both cardiovascular and strength training equipment. "Traditional" health clubs such as YMCAs, Bally's and Fitcorp, as well as Work Out World, Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness are examples of qualifying health clubs.

Please note: Some facilities and their fees are not eligible for reimbursement. They are country clubs and social clubs, martial arts studios, spas, gymnastic centers, tennis facilities, aerobic only clubs and/or studios (such as Pilates, Yoga, Zumba and Jazzercise), pool-only clubs, sports teams or leagues, and personal training or coaching programs.

How do I get my reimbursement?

If you qualify for reimbursement, you must be enrolled in NHP and a qualifying health club for at least four full months in a calendar year and submit your reimbursement requests by March 31 of the following calendar year.

Download a Fitness Reimbursement Form

The information we require to reimburse you includes:

  1. A signed and dated Fitness Program Reimbursement Form
  2. Dated, original receipts from the qualifying club, or copies of your credit card or bank statement if paying by electronic fund transfer. Receipts and/or bank statements must include your name and the individual charges for each health club membership.
  3. A copy of the health club agreement or contract, showing the name and address of the health club, your name, and the beginning dates of the contract.

We will accept a letter on fitness facility stationery or a statement from the facility which includes your name, dates you were enrolled, and a monthly payment history instead of #2 and #3 above.

Please remember to keep copies of your original receipts before sending them to NHP with the reimbursement form. We cannot return receipts or copies of contracts to you, even if your program is denied reimbursement.

If you are new to fitness training, be sure to check with your physician before getting started.