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Welcome MassHealth Members

How will my MassHealth Coverage Change in 2014?

Most MassHealth members' coverage is staying the same in 2014. For a few members, the 2014 health care reform updates may change how you get your health care. You may qualify for enhanced benefits and lower costs.

How I know what’s happening with me and my plan?

Watch your mail!

If you receive a letter from MassHealth with a pink banner at the top, it means that your MassHealth coverage is changing. You may get more benefits. If you receive a letter, MassHealth will automatically re-enroll you with NHP or in a MassHealth plan that's right for you.

For all your MassHealth options, contact the MassHealth Enrollment Center at 1-888-665-9993 (TTY 1-888-665-9997).

Learn more about MassHealth plans

NHP works with MassHealth to provide plans that give you all the care and resources you need, including:

  • Primary care services like preventive care and well visits
  • Diagnosis and treatment if you get sick
  • Urgent or emergency services for sudden illness or injury
  • Hospital care and home health care (if arranged by your doctor)
  • Behavioral health benefits including mental health and substance abuse treatment services
  • Pharmacy benefits, including select over-the-counter medicines (with a prescription) for free
  • All plans include routine eye exams and some include dental

NHP gives you more:

  • Access to a large network of top hospitals, doctors and specialists across all of Massachusetts
  • One-on-one care management services for pregnancy care and chronic conditions like diabetes
  • A multi-lingual customer service team
  • Free eyeglasses and discounts on frames, lenses, and contacts
  • Free (or small co-pay) select over-the-counter cough, cold, and allergy medicine with a prescription
  • Free smoking cessation programs and medications to help you quit smoking

Additional MassHealth Resources

Covered Services

Covered Services Listpdf - a list of covered services and benefits for MassHealth Standard and CommonHealth members enrolled in NHP.

Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) Servicespdf