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The Role of Your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Patients should always keep their PCP informed of their health related issues. As your PCP is essential in managing your care, he/she is responsible for care coordination with other providers and guiding you through your health needs.

The Importance of a Referral

A referral is required for most non-emergent and non-routine office visits. As your biggest health advocate, your PCP will determine the appropriateness of seeking specialist care. He/she will refer you to a trusted and qualified specialist based on:

  • The specialist’s medical background and competencies
  • The specialist’s service capabilities and offerings
  • The level of coordination between both provider offices to ensure optimal collaboration on your health needs

How to Request a Referral

Consult with your PCP to discuss your care management needs. As your biggest health advocate, your PCP will validate the appropriateness of specialist care and refer you to a trusted provider. Prior to any specialist visit, your PCP is responsible for obtaining an approved referral from NHP.