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Need help managing your depression?


At NHP, we believe that if you've been diagnosed with depression and prescribed antidepressant medication, it's just as important to see a licensed counselor. This counseling may improve your chances of success and help you manage your depression.

At NHP, our FREE Antidepressant Medication Management Program is here to help you.

The program:

  • Provides you with a one-on-one Health Coach who helps you get the most out of the program
  • Teaches you how to take your antidepressant medicines so you get the most benefit
  • Reminds you to refill your prescriptions for anti-depressant medicines
  • Assists you in finding a licensed therapist in your community
  • Is no cost to NHP members

How do I enroll?

If you are an NHP member, to learn more or enroll, call 1-800-414-2820 or visit the website of our behavioral health partner at

If you are not a NHP member, please speak with your doctor about your depression treatment and the value of talk therapy combined with antidepressant medications.

If you have suicidal thoughts or feelings, please get help immediately.  Call 911, go to your closest emergency room or call your local Emergency Services Program (ESP) at 877-382-1609.

If you take medicine for depression, it’s important to remember:

  • Keep your appointments and take your medication exactly as your doctor or nurse tells you, even if you are feeling better.
  • Many antidepressants do not work right away, and may take about a month to start working.
  • Most side effects slowly go away as you continue to take the medicine.
  • If you experience side effects, talk with your doctor before stopping your medicine.

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