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NHP Care Management Programs

NHP Care Management gives you the support you need to feel your best. All members living with a chronic condition like asthma or diabetes get care management information to help them stay healthy. This information usually includes reminders to get important tests and information about diet, exercise, health screenings, and other topics.

Members who need a little extra support can talk with an NHP care manager on the phone. Care managers can answer questions, provide health information, work with doctors, and help you find additional resources.

Usually, our care managers work with members who:

  • Just learned they have a condition like diabetes or asthma
  • Have had a change in their health or in their treatment program
  • Are living with several complex conditions

Talk to your PCP if you are interested in one of our care management programs. Your PCP can tell you if care management is right for you.

NHP Care Management Programs

Managing asthma

Managing diabetes

For You Two program for healthy pregnancies

Smoking cessation

Community services

Neighborhood Care Circle

Health Topics from
A to Z

Get information on a whole spectrum of conditions, illnesses, operations, injuries, and more in our interactive health library.

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