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Do you have a Silver level plan?
Check out your options

Due to the Federal Government’s recent decision to stop funding Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSR), premiums for Silver level plans on the Massachusetts Health Connector will become much more expensive. This applies to all health insurance companies with silver plans on the Health Connector, and it only applies to plans being sold on the Health Connector.

You have other options.

Shop for a bronze or gold plan on the Health Connector

You may be able to find a better value plan by exploring NHP’s Gold and Bronze plan options, which are not affected by the rules about cost sharing reimbursements. And when you shop through the Health Connector, you may qualify for tax credits to help you pay your premiums.

Shop for a plan through one of our partners

Silver plans cost less through one of our preferred partners, HSA Insurance and Mosaic Insurance. Bronze and gold plans are also available and may offer a better value.

Are you a former ConnectorCare member?

If so, you may still qualify for a ConnectorCare plan. Common reasons for losing eligibility can include changes to your income, unknown income status, or even a missing federal tax return!

To update your income online, go to

To learn more about filing your taxes, go to

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