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We offer employers the forms and resources they need to do business with NHP

Your Administrative Guide

Administrative Guide

Everything employers need to know about employee eligibility and enrollment, forms, renewal & termination, continuation of coverage, coordination of benefits, claims, privacy and confidentiality info, federal and state health care laws, contact info, and more.

Administrative Guide

Enrollment and Change Form

It is essential to keep your accounts’ information up-to-date with NHP—and to do it in a timely manner—so that there are no lapses in coverage for your employees or any of their family members.

Enrollment Form

Domestic Partners Position Statement

NHP Commercial HMO Service Area Map

Have a question re: benefits, copayments, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, prescription copayments?

See our Copayment Cross-reference Tool to easily identify and compare plans and see an all-in-one summary of the medical and pharmacy benefits that come with it.

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