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The NHP HMO Provider Network offers members the best doctor, hospital, and specialist care — and easy access to it.

NHP Provider Network

The NHP HMO Network includes the top hospitals in Massachusetts as well as thousands of primary care providers, hundreds of primary care locations, and over thirteen thousand specialists. See the backside of our NHP Provider Map to see a listing of some of the world’s best hospitals — all within our network.

Download a larger view of the NHP Service Area map

To offer NHP Commercial HMO plans to employees, employer groups must be based within the NHP Commercial HMO Service area. Eligible employees of those employer groups, however, are not required to reside within the service area.

The Massachusetts counties and towns we service include:



Barnstable Entire County
Bristol Entire County
Dukes Entire County
Essex Entire County
Hampden Entire County
Middlesex Entire County
Nantucket Entire County
Norfolk County Entire County
Plymouth Entire County
Suffolk Entire County
Worcester Entire County