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Wellness at NHP

Wellness has been at the core of our health care philosophy for more than 25 years — because everyone profits when employees are happy, healthy, and well.

What do NHP wellness programs come with?

  • CaféWell, an interactive health and wellness website that provides a unique, personalized experience for every memberustom reporting to show savings in productivity costs
  • Telephonic health coaching at no additional charge. Our coaches empower employees to set and meet personal health goals around healthy eating, weight management, stress relief, and tobacco cessation. Health Coaching can also be offered as on on site service. Employees meet health coaches at work to set up an action plan. Additional telephonic sessions are conducted to help makes changes stick.
  • A custom wellness profile for your organization with an overview of your company’s wellness picture, health needs, and opportunities
  • Regular progress reports to help you track wellness improvements over time

More perks and benefits from NHP

A Member Fitness Benefit – Valuable reimbursements to keep employees motivated. The fitness benefit varies by plan.

A Weight Loss Benefit – Most NHP Prime plans come with a Weight Loss Benefit that rewards members for losing weight the healthy way.

Free or low cost OTC drugs – Members pay nothing, or only their plan’s cost sharing, for many common over-the-counter drugs and products with a prescription at a participating pharmacy.

For You Two Program – Special perks, benefits, and services for moms and babies including a free breast pump and reimbursements for breastfeeding classes.

Help to Quit Smoking – A flexible program that helps members quit their way.

Care Management – Members managing chronic conditions can get extra support with our Care Management programs.

50% safety helmet discounts – NHP will reimburse 50% of the purchase price of one new bike helmet, per member, per calendar year up to a $15.00 reimbursement. Download the form and instructions.

Our FREE wellness programs are as easy as 1-2-3.

Download the full wellness brochure to see how easy it is for employers to start a wellness program with NHP.

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