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2014 1099-HC Tax Forms

We will be mailing all 1099-HC tax forms (proof of creditable coverage of health insurance) by January 31, 2014.

If you are a NHP primary subscriber, you should receive one by February 14, 2014. If you do not, please contact

What is a 1099-HC form, and do I need one?

Massachusetts Health Care Reform law requires state residents to report on their health care coverage when filing their Massachusetts income tax return. Information on the 1099-HC form indicates the coverage you had in 2013, and will allow you to complete MA Schedule HC for yourself and any dependents when filing your Massachusetts income tax return.

What do I do with it?

If you are filing a hard copy (paper) income tax return, please include the 1099-HC form in your tax return and keep a copy for your records.

What if I had different health plans during 2013?

If you had coverage in 2013 with any other insurance carriers, you should expect to receive a 1099-HC form from those carriers as well.

If you and any dependents had Minimum Creditable Coverage from NHP for the full year in 2013, the “Full-year Minimum Creditable Coverage” box will be checked on your 1099-HC form.


If you and any dependents didn’t have Minimum Creditable Coverage for the full year, a checkmark will appear for each month you and any dependents had Minimum Creditable Coverage for 15 days or more in that month.

What if there is an error on it?

Employers generally have up to 60 days to notify us of enrollment changes. As a result, we may not have current enrollment information on members enrolled through employer groups. If a change affects your monthly coverage as noted on your 1099-HC form, we will send you a corrected form. Contact us at

If you have any questions…

If you have any questions regarding filing a Schedule HC with your state income tax, please contact your tax advisor or visit the Massachusetts Department of Revenue’s web site. If you did not receive or have questions about your 1099-HC form from NHP, please email NHP at